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Carl Orr: Guitarist Composer Teacher and Sting Sideman

Guitarist, composer and Sting sideman Carl Orr was kind enough to write a five-star review of my Sting book this week. It was great to see the book get a ‘thumbs up’ from Carl, who I respect. greatly as a musician and have … Continue reading

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Sting: The Last Post

Well, after four years of discussions, public lectures and a number of book launches, I am now down to my last few days of engaging with my hometown of Newcastle, via the lens of Sting. I am looking forward to … Continue reading

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Sting Book Launches: From Northern Skies to Fields of Gold

Following on from the talks I have done in Newcastle and Bristol, during April, I have three talks coming up on my Sting book – from Northern Skies to Fields of Gold. The first is at Birmingham City University – … Continue reading

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The Last Ship: A Universal Phenomena?

It was fantastic news to hear this week that Sting’s The Last Ship will be touring the UK next year. After a short run on Broadway and a recent version launched in Turku Finland, this production will be especially adopted … Continue reading

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The bassoon is facing extinction – News – Music – The Independent

I never thought I would hear of a musical instrument such as the bassoon becoming extinct. So – if anyone is thinking of taking up a instrument – here is your answer. Could the bassoon be the next ‘hip’ instrument … Continue reading

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  I was back in Newcastle for one of Sting’s three The Last Ship shows, at The Sage in Gateshead last weekend. As I am in the closing stages of my book on Sting, it provided the perfect setting – … Continue reading

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Update on Current Projects: Sting and the Gravitational Pull of Newcastle

Just a quick update of some of my activities over the last month or so. So –  not in any particular order – here goes. Firstly, last weekend I contributed to a radio show on The Alarm’s Mike Peters – … Continue reading

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More Analysis of Social Space: Sting’s Dead Mans Boots

Last weeks post commenced with a discussion of the ways in which the background of a musical mix can resonate with the persona in a song – describing it as ‘Inert’,  ‘Active’ or ‘oppositional’ (I still need more examples of … Continue reading

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