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Music Analysis and the Elements of Music

Like I have done for the last few years, I gave my annual lecture to my musicology class regarding the ways that the Elements of Music (EOM) can be a good starting point for analysis. In the UK, the EOM … Continue reading

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Truth and Method: How Can We Be More Objective When Analysing Music

I read a review of Frank Zappa and the And this week – and despite its negativity,  it got me thinking about the ways in which our world views impact the ways in which we interpret meaning in music. Being … Continue reading

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Les Paul and Mary Ford: is it still possible to be successful and truly experimental?

A year or so ago, I wrote a blog about how the singer Rumer sounded like Karen Carpenter  – and how the music industry could be seen to be using  a proven formula (i.e The Carpenters) to sell the public … Continue reading

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Some Philosophical Thoughts About Music

I have decided to document a few posts about the philosophy of music. So – to get things going – here are a few questions I am currently thinking about. I would be interested in any responses Do you agree … Continue reading

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Plunderphonics: Mashups and Primary Meaning

Due to DIY responsibilities at home, I have spent most of the day listening to some great music – something that has prompted this post. The main album I listened to today was the 60 track Plunderphonic compilation by John … Continue reading

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A Synopsis of What I Have Been Up To

Well, I thought I would never get around to writing another blog. A mixture of a broken laptop and ‘life in general’ has resulted in me not writing a post for a couple of months. I intend to change that … Continue reading

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Roland Barthes Interpretes Zappa: The Perfect Photo

While working on my book on Frank Zappa, I am currently reading a lot of Roland Barthes, and have started to consider how some of his ideas can apply to music. There is a really interesting chapter in his book … Continue reading

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More Meaning in Music: How does form impact music?

My last musicology lecture focused on the basics – how do the elements of music impact form. Firstly, the presentation for this can be found here. These are the questions I want students/interested parties to discuss on the blog •Examples … Continue reading

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Free Foundation Degree in Music For Wales

I got some good news this week. Over the last couple of years or so I have been working on developing a Foundation Degree that facilitates  anyone working within the music industry to gain credit for the skills they already … Continue reading

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