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More live music under threat

Brighton venue The Freebutt has announced that it will no longer be able to put on live music after it was ordered to reduce the cut-off level on its volume limiter by the local council. As previously reported, The Freebutt … Continue reading

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The Newport Live Music Scene: how can it regain vibrancy?

I attended a fascinating event in Newport yesterday organised by The Welsh Music Foundation. Its focus attempted to consider reasons behind why a once ‘legendary’ music scene, was now struggling to find an audience. In short, how can ‘vibrancy’ be … Continue reading

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New Music Listened To Recently

I have been too busy to write any blog posts for the last few weeks, but thought I would share some of the music i have been listening to lately. I am discovering most of this via Spotify, and am … Continue reading

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Two posts in one day – a record for me. Here is a paper I had published this month regarding my research into music foundation degrees. It is an extensive paper, and can be read by clicking this link.

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An Emic and Etic Analysis Of The Impact Of Creative Listening When Recording And Performing With The James Taylor Quartet

It is a long long time since I posted my last blog, so will try and make up for this in the next few days. I am off to Ireland in two weeks to present a paper on ecological listening, … Continue reading

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Jon Eberson – Another Norwegian Gem

After listening to Eivind Aarset, I thought I would dig around and see if I could find any other Norwegian guitarists that are relevant to my research. I have been a fan of Terje Rypdal for many years, but now … Continue reading

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Eivind Aarset Trio – 21 Century Guitarist

Just discovered this amazing guitarist – Eivind Aarset – what an xmas present. He seems to encapsulate  what a guitarist of the 21st Century can be – using available technology to create a soundscape that is very difficult to comprehend … Continue reading

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YouTube – Robert Fripp String Quintet Kan Non Power

I am in the very early stages of writing a paper on guitarists who use loops as a creative tool. I came across this, and it reminded me what a great guitarists and composer Bob Fripp is.  Have a great … Continue reading

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Zappa’s Stylistic Non Conformity

Here is a great example of TMOI in 1968 challenging listeners regarding the stylistic orientation of their music. Contains some amazing Zappa conducting, rock grooves, jazz visuals, and vocal madness. Zappa’s conducting alludes to ‘high art’, yet his image is … Continue reading

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