Example Frank Zappa Master Study

I found a couple of examples of post graduate studies on Zappa that may inspire anyone who may be interested in studying something along similar lines (see my earlier post).  They are entitled

A Study in the Instrumental Music of Frank Zappa

Frank Zappa’s Orchestral Works: Art Music or Bogus Pomp

Creative Control: Morton Feldman, Lars von Trier, and Frank Zappa (with original composition)

Musical Meaning in Frank Zappa’s The Blue Light and Galoot Update

If anyone has heard of any others – please let me know.

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Academic working at the University of Glamorgan
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3 Responses to Example Frank Zappa Master Study

  1. Avo Raup says:

    I would add:

    An Original Composition, Symphony No. 1, Pollock and an Analysis of the Evolution of Frank Zappa’s “Be-Bop Tango”


    Not a dissertation, but an interesting research site is:

    Zappa Research



  2. Avo Raup says:

    And of course a dissertation by Ulrik Volgsten “Music, Mind and the Serious Zappa”.


    I’m looking for this item many years without any success. Probably you can find it in some big library, but never in eBay, abebooks etc.


  3. Ulrik Volgsten says:

    Anyone interested in my book about Zappa can contact me at this address.


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