Zappa And the And – the Final Blog!


Well – I finally got my copies of my Zappa book last week – so this will probably be the last time I blog about it (hip – hip……). I would really appreciate anyone helping with the social network side of things by liking/sharing/etc etc. You can read a sample chapter from the link below – and if you are interested in a copy – I think direct from Ashgate is the best bet at the moment.

Thanks to those of you that have given the book support over its development

About Paul Carr

Academic working at the University of Glamorgan
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6 Responses to Zappa And the And – the Final Blog!

  1. Carl Boland says:

    Congratulations Paul, what an amazing achievement. As a fan of the big man myself, I will check this out.


  2. carza says:

    Thanks Carl.


  3. datisit says:

    Hi, I have just finished reading this book after having ordered it via my University Library (Leeds Uni). I was one of only two people to ‘pre-order’ it into the library (who are these crazy people!?!). I’m finally happy to have found a book that I can recommend to others if they are interested in learning about Zappa’s music through a selection of short, digestible contexts. I feel that context is everything when considering Zappa’s musical output.


  4. datisit says:

    Well, I suppose that goes for everything, but yes, thanks for this book.


  5. carza says:

    Thanks very much for the positive comments. For info – I have a Facebook page for the book, where I am hoping to encourage dialogue about the book’s content. You can access it at

    I will post your comments if that’s ok?



  6. datisit says:

    Ah great, yeah sure.


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